Principle of Quenching Furnace
 Quenching furnace is a commonly used heat treatment furnace equipment, which plays an important role in the current industrial production. Next, I will introduce the working principle of quenching furnace for you.
Quenching furnaces use direct or indirect heat sources, and batch materials can be continuously processed at medium and high temperatures to ensure the isolation of heat sources from products during processing. In industrial production, the temperature preservation of calciner is particularly important and has great value. Calcination is usually used to treat smaller materials, materials sensitive to oxidation, combustion, explosion and heat. It can also deal with materials that may cause pollution. Calcinator is usually used to deal with some special products, including sealed hopper feeding system or pressure tank car, tensible dust-proof sealing ring, etc.
Each calciner is designed according to special needs and specifications. Electric or natural gas can be used as heat source. There are hot zones in the furnace and independent control zones. The cooler can make the products cool before the furnace.