PECVD Tube furnace
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Product Overview
PECVD tube furnace consists of vacuum acquisition, flow control, and RF power supply.PECVD is obtained by vacuum, flow control, and radio frequency power supply. With 13.56Mhz radio frequency output, the gas containing the atoms of the film is ionized to form plasma in the vacuum body. The strong chemical activity of the plasma is used to improve the reaction conditions and make the film composed of The gaseous substance undergoes a chemical reaction to realize a new preparation technology for the growth of thin film materials, and finally a few pieces of the desired thin film are deposited, which is suitable for the deposition of SiO2 and SiNx thin films at 1200C.
1. CVD tube furnace system consists of tube furnace, vacuum acquisition, flow control and radio frequency power supply
2. Tube furnace can choose different tube diameter and length of constant temperature zone. Both ends of furnace tube are equipped with high vacuum stainless steel sealing flanges.
3. The vacuum acquisition system can choose different vacuum pumps according to the experimental requirements. The vacuum degree of the rotary vane mechanical vacuum pump is less than or equal to 5pa, and the vacuum degree of the molecular pump vacuum unit is 1×10-4pa.
4. Gas supply system can choose 3-way float manual and 3-way automatic mass flow system
5. Vacuum measurement is digital in line with vacuum machine or Pirani vacuum gauge
6. Select 13.56Mhz equipment power supply for plasma discharge, power output can choose 200W, 300W, and 500W
7. Tube furnace can choose single temperature zone 300mm and 440mm, and can also choose three temperature zone or multiple temperature zone for temperature gradient experiment
8. The built-in RS485 digital communication port and USB adapter of the thermostat are optional configurations, which can be connected to a PC for remote control and monitoring of the system, and the test results can also be saved or exported
9. The product complies with EU CE standards.
 1200°C PECVD tube furnace mainly provides high temperature heat treatment environment for industrial, research institutes, factories and other industrial laboratories, and is applied to new materials such as metal materials, ceramic materials, nano materials, and semiconductor materials.
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