1700℃ Three-Zone Vertical Split Tube Furnace
1700℃ Three-Zone Vertical Split Tube Furnace
  • STG-80-17-3
  • 200+200+200=600mm
  • 1600℃
  • Quality Mosi2 Rod
  • ±1℃
  • B Type
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Reactor Alumina Tube

Φ40 x L1200

Φ60 x L1200

Φ80 x L1200

Φ100 x L1200

Any size

Heating Zone Length





Any size


Three-Zone Vertical Split 

Furnace Structure

Chamber Material, Temperature Controller System, Heating Element, Corundum Tube, Furnace Shell and Other assistant parts

Max Temperature


Continue Operating Temp.


Power Supply





Depends on size

Heating Element

Quality Mosi2 Rod

Chamber Material

High temperature polycrystal alumina ceramic fiber material

Temperature Precision



B type

Temperature Controller

YUDIAN intelligent microcomputer PID controller can program 30 segments

Electronic Component

SCHNEIDER(France)electronics brand

Heating Rate

≤ 10℃/min ( suggest 10℃/min for longer life using of furnace )

Safety Protection

Overheat and thermocouple-break alarm



Furnace Shell

high quality cold-rolled steel sheets CNC processing  


High quality thermal insulation material to ensure a good uniformity


One pair of high temperature furnace gloves

One piece of furnace hook

One set of sealing flanges



Paperless recorder

Corundum boat

Vacuum pump

Product Overview
1700℃ STG Series products are mainly applied for the heat treatment of samples under vacuum or protective atmosphere, Quality Mosi2 Rod is used for heating element, and the temperature controller uses microcomputer PID control module to achieve precise temperature control and constant temperature requirements. The product uses the new-type ceramic fiber material as the furnace chamber material; the furnace tube material is corundum, and the tube is sealed by stainless steel flanges on its both ends, the furnace can be work under the vacuum atmosphere condition, there are air inlet and air outlet on the flange, also it can be filled in protective air, the precision needle-valve may adjust the air inlet flow rate.
  • The furnace material is vacuum-formed alumina ceramic fiber material and does not drop powder and sinter without volatile in high temperature, Green, safety and comply with international standards
  • The heating element is made of Quality Mosi2 Rod, which can bear large load, stable and long service life; the rods are evenly arranged on both sides of the furnace, and the temperature field uniformity is good
  • Patented temperature control design, fast heating rate, good temperature uniformity, can be raised to 1600℃ within 160 minutes, more than 3 times higher than the same specification electric furnace sintering efficiency in the industry, safe and efficient
  • High precision of temperature control, small temperature compensation and temperature accuracy ± 1 ° C.
  • Using intelligent PID temperature control instrument, with program function, can set the temperature rise curve, can be programmed 30 segments
  • The gas path system can be selected from one or three-way gas mass flow meters, and the gas mixing system can also be single-input and single-out. Accurate control of gas digital control, flow switch and flow time can be automatically controlled by touch screen to achieve unattended air control, accuracy: ±1% F.S, response time: ≤4sec
  • The machine will send out an alarm signal to the over-temperature during the working process, and automatically complete the protection action
  • The vacuum system adopts a rotary vane vacuum unit. The vacuum measurement uses a digital composite vacuum machine or a Pirani vacuum gauge. The measuring instrument is integrated on the temperature control panel for easy operation.
  • Optional large-screen paperless recorder or RS232 communication interface for real-time recording of temperature rise curves, with memory card for analysis and printing of experimental data.
1700°C mainly provides high temperature heat treatment environment for industrial, research institutes, factories and other industrial laboratories, and is applied to new materials such as metal materials, ceramic materials, nano materials, and semiconductor materials.
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